Baccarat by Microgaming Review

Baccarat by Microgaming Review

Microgaming is a leading software provider that created a good-enough number of games, spanning across different genres. Baccarat is among the company’s top-shelf titles as it features straightforward gameplay and fairly simple rules. The game has no complicated roadmaps and side bets to distract players from the main game.

The layout of the table is standard and baccarat devotees still have the option to customise some of the game’s settings according to their preferences. Being adapted to cater to the needs of players from all skill levels, the speed of the game is medium and there is no autoplay mode.

Baccarat Summary
Software ProviderMicrogaming
Bet LimitsFrom £10 up to £500
Maximum Payout8:1
Number of Decks1

Baccarat Game Play

Baccarat Game PlayMicrogaming’s Baccarat is designed to follow the traditional rules of the game. It is played with a single deck of 52 playing cards and there are 3 betting options, and more precisely the Banker, the Player, and a Tie. Players can adjust the size of their bets by using the “+” and “−” buttons at the bottom of the user interface.

Baccarat fans are treated to chips of different values, including 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500. Once you are ready with settling the size of your bet, you need to click “Deal” and the game round will kick off.

The Player will be the first to receive a card. Initially, both the Player and the Banker will receive 2 cards. The third-card rule applies in Microgaming’s Baccarat, meaning that a third card might be drawn under certain circumstances. The objective of the game is to predict which hand will have a total closest to 9. Provided that the Player’s and the Banker’s hands are of equal value, they have reached a tie.

If you placed a winning bet on a Tie, you will be paid at odds of 8:1. Provided that you placed a bet on either the Banker or the Dealer and the result is a Tie, you will get back your bet. Players should be informed that a 5% commission applies to all winning bets on the Banker.

Baccarat Specific Features

Baccarat Specific FeaturesAs we already alluded above, Baccarat by Microgaming does not come with an abundance of features, but there are some nice extras. Apart from the possibility to turn on and off the sound, players can speed up the gameplay thanks to the turbo mode. What is more, the game allows its players to enable peeking and change the table layout for left-handed use. To change the game options, you need to go to the menu and select Settings.

The game comes with unsurpassed quality of the graphics, providing players with an immersive experience. Despite the lack of side bets and a roadmap, rookie players will certainly enjoy their time when playing this variation of the game. In addition to that, Microgaming’s Baccarat offers a relatively high RTP, which means that the house edge is low. As a highly profitable variation of the game, it attracts not only newbies but also veteran players.

Furthermore, you do not have to be an expert to figure out which is the winning hand as it is highlighted. Provided that your bet is winning, you will receive a payout and automatically move to the next round.


Microgaming’s Baccarat adheres to the classic rules of the game. The game’s appeal stems from the fact that it offers a massive RTP that leaves you with a house edge of just 1.01%. The game itself features quality graphics and smooth animations which is worthy of an honourable mention having in mind it was released as far back as 1999. If you are a fan of classic casino games, you should certainly test your luck on Baccarat by Microgaming. is a comprehensive informational website where you can find listings of the best casino sites in the UK and how to play guides about Slots, Roulette, Blackjack and Live Dealer casino games.