Recap of UK Gambling News for 5th – 9th July

As the UK Gambling Commission continues to work towards improving the gambling scene in the country, it has suspended a second license since the beginning of the month. Last week, the regulator announced that after a review of Martin Henry Bailey, his non-remote license will be immediately suspended.

Meanwhile, last week a Ladbrokes ad was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) as it was deemed inappropriate. The ad was first launched in April but the watchdog believed it promoted irresponsible gambling which was the reason to ban it.

UKGC Suspends a Second License Since the Beginning of July

UKGC Suspends a Second LicenseLast week, the UK Gambling Commission announced that it was investigating Martin Henry Bailey and the results from the review prompted the regulator to suspend their operating license.

According to the Gambling Commission, the operator was conducting its services not in accordance with the conditions of their operating license. These concerns prompted the operator to suspend the operator’s license, with the suspension being effective from July 7.

Under a non-remote license by the UK Gambling Commission, Martin Henry Bailer operates Bailey’s Racing as well as other trading names like Beterbet and Dave Bow. He also operates a racing betting shop located in Basildon, England.

After suspending the operator’s license, the Commission announced that it still expects fair treatment of customers of the operator. The license suspension should not be an obstacle for the operator who must pay out all winning bets that were placed before the license was suspended.

This is the second license that the Commission has suspended since the beginning of the month. The first one followed a review on PlayerFT Limited, with the suspension being in effect from July 2.

The regulator expressed concerns about the operator breaching the conditions of its license and failing to comply with the industry standards that apply to all UK licensed operators. This was the reason for the UK Gambling Commission to immediately suspend PlayerFT Limited’s license.

Another reason for the license suspension was the operator failing to comply with the self-exclusion scheme of GAMSTOP. Following the changes in the UK gambling laws from March 31, 2020, all UK operators are required to participate in the self-exclusion program of GAMSTOP.

Even though the operator’s license was suspended, customers are still allowed to access their accounts and request withdrawals of their funds. PlayerFT Limited is required to still treat its customers fairly and keep them updated on the latest changes that may affect them.

Ladbrokes Ad Promoting Irresponsible Gambling Behaviour Gets Banned

Ad BannedGambling-related advertisements have been heavily criticized recently, with many blaming such ads for an increase in gambling addiction rates in the UK. Last week, one of Ladbrokes’ latest TV ads was banned by the ASA as it was promoting irresponsible gambling. The ad was first seen on TV in April, with some of its scenes depicting a concerning gambling behaviour.

The ad shows different types of gamblers experiencing intense emotions related to their bets with the bookmaker. The ad begins with a voiceover saying, “I’m a nodder – up to the football, down to the app like a dog on a dashboard.” The following scene shows a man placing a bet on the Ladbrokes app while waiting for a train, with another voiceover saying, “When I bet, I am a frustrated manager. I kick every ball.” The last scene of the ad depicts three ecstatic men screaming as a goal is scored and then being nervous as the goal is reviewed by a VAR (video assistant referee).

Soon after the ad was seen on TV, there was a complaint about the people in the ad portraying individuals with problem gambling behaviour. The complainant deemed such an ad as socially irresponsible and said it should not be seen on TV.

Ladbrokes argued that the ad did not portray any scenes that suggested problem gambling behaviour. It also stated that there were no suggestions of promoting solitary gambling as superior to social gambling or implying that gambling can solve financial problems. Despite that, ASA considered some of the scenes in the ad as socially irresponsible, depicting problem gambling behaviour. As a result of its decision, the regulator banned Ladbrokes’ ad that will no longer be seen on TV. is a comprehensive informational website where you can find listings of the best casino sites in the UK and how to play guides about Slots, Roulette, Blackjack and Live Dealer casino games.