Jacks or Better Power Poker Review

Jacks or Better Power Poker Review

Jacks or Better Power Poker is an excellent version of the game brought to players by Microgaming. Players that have grown tired of playing Jacks or Better as their skills have increased can try out this variation that is played with 4 hands.

As it is a revamped version of Jack or Better, the rules remain the same. The hand ranking is also absolutely identical with no new additions. This variation is obviously slightly riskier than the original, so make sure you brush up on your strategy before giving it a go.

Jacks or Better Power Poker Summary
Minimum Bet£0.25
Maximum Bet£25
Minimum Jackpot1 to 1 (Jacks or Better)
Maximum JackpotMax. 4,000 (Royal Flush)

Bets and Payouts of Jacks or Better Power Poker

Bets and Payouts of Jacks or Better Power PokerThe hands in Jacks or Better Power Poker do not differ in any way from those in the original. As is usual in most video poker games, the payouts are far more rewarding when playing with the maximum bet. That is why it is vital to get used to the game before placing bets with real money, especially with 4 hands to play.

Royal Flush is the most rewarding hand. When playing with maximum coin bets, the potential payout for this hand is 4,000 coins. Otherwise, the payout is 250 to 1. The Straight Flush can bring players 250 coins if you place the maximum coin stake. If not, it pays 50 to 1.

The lowest payout is for Jacks or Better. Players will win what they staked for this hand, so at least you will not be at a loss. For a Pair, you can expect 2 to 1. Three of a Kind will bring you 3 to 1, and a Straight hand will bring you 4 to 1. For a Flush, you can get 6 to 1, and for a Full House, you can get 9 to 1. Players that land 4 of a Kind can expect 25 to 1.

As you can see, the payouts of Jacks or Better Power Poker do not disappoint. Especially when you take into consideration the rewarding RTP of 99.54%.

Additional Features of Jacks or Better Power Poker

Additional Features of Jacks or Better Power Poker width=The main feature of Jacks or Better Power Poker is the fact that players are playing 4 hands at once. This feature functions by the following principle – first, you are dealt your initial 5 cards. You select which ones to hold, as in a normal single-hand game.

When you then select draw, the selected cards will be present in each hand, and the empty spots will be filled in with new cards to reveal the combinations you have formed. Each winning combination that you landed will be paid out separately from the others.

But that is not where the fun ends. Players are also able to enjoy the double up feature that is incorporated into the game. Jacks or Better Power Poker features the usual gamble feature by Microgaming – the pick a card double up button.

For those that are unfamiliar with this attribute, every time you land a winning hand, you will have the option of wagering your winnings to either lose them or multiply them by two. If you choose to gamble, you will be brought to a separate window.

When you are brought to the separate window, one card is dealt to the dealer, and 4 others are dealt face down. The aim of the game is to choose a card with a higher value than the one of the dealer. If you choose correctly, you will double your rewards, and if not – you lose everything. Players can gamble their winnings over and over. But try not to take too many risks, or you will end up ruining a great chance.


Jacks or Better Power Poker is a great way to test and improve your video poker skills and strategies. Playing 4 hands at a time is a great way to do just this. The graphics of this Microgaming title are superb, and the sound effects are engaging, making you feel as if you were in a real casino.

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