Tens or Better Power Poker Review

Tens or Better Power Poker Review

Microgaming has gone and made their already thrilling title all the more exciting. Four times more, to be exact. This game does not differ much from the original Tens or Better version, apart from the fact that it is played with 4 hands simultaneously.

Tens or Better Power Poker is played with a single deck consisting of 52 cards. There are no Wild Cards, but there is an intriguing Double Feature that you will recognise if you have had a go on other Microgaming video poker games. Another great thing about this variation is the wide betting range that suits both recreational and professional players.

Tens or Better Power Poker Summary
Minimum Bet£1
Maximum Bet£100
Minimum Jackpot1 to 1 (Tens or Better)
Maximum Jackpot4,000 coins (Royal Flush)

Odds and RTP of Tens or Better Power Poker

Odds and RTP of Tens or Better Power PokerTens or Better Power Poker is another variation of video poker that has derived from the original Jacks or Better game. This one has an attractive RTP of 99.14%. The payout table is much like that of other titles that are based on the initial design. It is also quite simple to understand the betting system, which consists of 5 levels.

You can probably guess which is the lowest-ranking hand in this one – Tens or Better. The payout for this one is 1 to 1. Two Pairs will get you 2 to 1, and 3 of a Kind has a reward of 3 to 1. Players that land a Straight will be awarded 4 to 1, and those that managed to collect a Flush will receive 5 to 1. Those of you that are lucky enough to form a Full House will win 6 to 1.

Now, let us get to the higher payouts of Tens or Better Power Poker. Quads, or 4 of a Kind, will win you 25 to 1. The Straight Flush has a payout of 50 to 1. And finally, the most rewarding hand of them all, the Royal Flush. This hand pays out 500 to 1 in the first 4 betting levels. However, if you switch to 5 coins, players will have a maximum potential of 4,000 coins.

Additional Features of Tens or Better Power Poker

Additional Features of Tens or Better Power PokerThe main additional feature of Tens or Better Power Poker is the fact that you are now playing with 4 hands. This fun attribute allows for 4 times the reward. It is also good to keep in mind that it is also 4 times the risk, so collect your cards with great care.

Another thing to keep in mind is the coin value and betting level. Players can adjust their coins to values ranging from £0.25 to £5, thus making the minimum bet £1 (25p per hand). You may also bet just 1 coin per hand, or as many as 5. Playing with a level 5 bet will unlock the huge reward for landing a Royal Flush that goes from 500 to 1 to 800 to 1.

Other than that, players also have access to the Double Feature. This little function is available when you have landed one or more winning combinations. When this happens, you will be presented with the option of either collecting your winnings or gambling them to multiply them.

If you decide to take the offer of the Double Feature, you will be taken to a new window with a mini-game. Players will see 5 cards dealt on the table, the first of which will be revealed, while the other 4 remain facing down. The aim of the game is to select a card with a higher value than that of the dealer’s one.

When you select your card, if you do not manage to choose one of higher value, you will lose your winnings. However, if you managed to choose the right one, you will have won double the prize. Players can repeat this until they are either satisfied or have reached the max gamble limit of the casino.


With all said and done, Tens or Better Power Poker really is an interesting game while retaining a simple design. Players that wish to improve their video poker skills will have a great time honing them on this 4-hand version. With the wide betting range, both novices and veteran gamblers will enjoy this exhilarating Microgaming title.

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